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The Oleificio di Moniga del Garda was born in the homonymous village in the province of Brescia, located near the better known town of Desenzano del Garda.

The Oleificio di Moniga del Garda thanks to its modern equipment and with a careful selection of raw materials , has excellent oil quality and genuineness, ranging over a wide range of products that allows you to embrace different types of customers, from food manufacturers to distribution (GDO/DO) also offering the opportunity to create custom private label.

We have excellent quality as:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil “ Garda Bresciano D.O.P”

Are added to the range:
Extra Virgin Olive Oils “100% Italian “
Extra Virgin Olive Oils community origin
Olive oil end Olive Pomace Oils
and seed oils ( Peanut/ Sunflower/ Rape/ Soy )

The oil mill is equipped with modern facilities with a production capacity of up to 10.000 bottles/hour and 500 cans/hour.

A thorough inspection of raw materials, the total traceability of the product, from olive to harvest the production processes, have allowed us an extension of foreign markets, in particular Europe, which joined in the enthusiasm and passion have allowed a continuous and constant development, allowed us to guarantee the trade, a range of references deep and balanced.